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Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

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Product # Title Price (CAD)
62039 About Your House: Insulating Your House
Choose the right insulation to reduce the amount of energy you use and improve comfort.
62042 About Your House: Water-Saving Tips for Your Lawn and Garden
Tips to cope with drought conditions, minimize water wastage and save money.
62935 About Your House: Buying a Water-Efficient Toilet
Tips and advice on buying a water-efficient toilet using current toilet rating programs.
63890 About Your House: Photovoltaic (PV) Systems
Practical consumer information on residential solar electric (photovoltaic) systems currently available.
65329 About Your House: Setback Thermostats
This fact sheet describes the temperature settings, energy savings and potential problems associated with setback thermostats.
67706 About Your House: Understanding Energy Efficiency Retrofit Options for Your House
Practical decision trees to help you decide how best to approach an energy efficiency retrofit.
67767 About Your House: Energy Efficiency Building Envelope Retrofits for Your House
Achieve varying degrees of space heating energy savings by better insulating and air sealing your house.
68011 About Your House: Green Renovations
This About Your House goes over measures to "green" a renovation.
68271 About Your House: Green Renovations — Bathrooms
This About Your House goes over measures to "green" a bathroom renovation.
68273 About Your House: Green Renovations — Basements
This About Your House goes over measures to "green" a renovation for a basement.
68306 About Your House: Net-Zero Energy Housing
This About Your House goes over Net-Zero Energy Housing.