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Hint: If you are unable to find what you are looking for, double check what you entered – a typo or misspelling will result in poor searches.


The Publications and Reports search combines keyword and full text searching, using both to return comprehensive, weighted results. Search results will be ranked by relevancy, using the following criteria in descending order:

  • The word(s) you type in has been specified as a keyword for this product
  • The word(s) appear in the title or description of the product
  • The word(s) appear frequently in the document.

The search feature is not case sensitive. Using all upper case letters (e.g. CMHC), all lower case (cmhc) or mixed case (Cmhc) will produce the same results.

If a word you seek has an accent, you must type in the accent for the search to be successful.

"Wild card" searches using an asterisk (*) are supported. For example, typing in "test*" will retrieve all keywords beginning from that root, such as "tests", "testers", "testing", etc. For better results, ensure that more than three letters precede the asterisk.

Searching in the Publications and Reports section does not search the full Web site.