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Customer Service

Other Ways to Order

CMHC offers several other easy ways to order our products.   If you prefer not to order online you may choose one of the following options:

1. By Telephone:

In Canada, dial 1 800 668-2642 or outside Canada, dial (613) 748-2003 and charge your order to your Visa, Mastercard or American. Express credit card.  Our customer service representatives are available to take your call.

2. By Fax:

Print out the order form and fax to 1 800 245-9274 (within Canada) or fax to (613) 748-2016 (outside of Canada). Please be sure to fill in the credit card information on the order form.

3. By Mail:

Print the order form and mail it with payment (attach a cheque, or provide credit card information on the order form) to:

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.
Suite 1000, 700 Montreal Road
Ottawa ON
K1A 0P7