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Volume discounts are applicable on all orders of 20 or more items. When you place such an order online, we will automatically calculate your volume discount and display it during the checkout process.

Some organizations may be eligible for further discounts. Before placing your first order online,  please call us at 1 800 668-2642 for further details and assistance in creating your customer account.

Businesses may open a commercial account, which allows billing by invoice. Online orders cannot be billed by invoice (credit card payment only) but you may be billed by invoice if you choose one of our alternate ways to order.  All invoices are payable immediately upon receipt.  Please call 1 800 668-2642 for further details.

Shipping Rates

We offer 2 easy options for delivery:

  1. Regular mail — standard (7 – 10 business days)
  2. Courier (2 – 3 business days)
    (Note: Courier service is not available for RR and PO Box orders.)

Delivery charges to Canada, United States and international destinations are as follows:

Dollar Value of Order   Shipping and Handling Fee
$0.01 – $29.99 $5.95
$30.00 – $59.99 $7.95
$60.00 – $99.99 $9.95
$100.00 – $500.00 $19.95
over $500.00 $29.95

Destination   Shipping and Handling Fee Surcharge
USA Regular $10.00
International Regular $25.00
Canada courier $15.00
USA Courier $40.00
International courier $60.00

All prices quoted are in Canadian funds.

International Customers

For customers who are using our site or purchasing items from a country other than Canada, please note that all prices listed are in Canadian dollars. We welcome customers from other countries but please be aware that any additional shipping costs and customs charges may apply to the country you reside in or where the items are being sent.  Please note that international orders are shipped by air but delivery times to addresses outside Canada and the United States will vary.

Sales Tax

The amount of tax charged depends on many factors, including the destination of the shipment and the type of item purchased. All items shipped to destinations in Canada are subject to Canadian Goods and Services Tax ("GST") at 5%. In addition, the following Provincial Sales Tax ("PST") or Harmonized Sales Tax ("HST") might apply, depending on the item and the destination of the shipment:

Tax Table

Province   PST   GST/HST
Alberta, NWT, Yukon, Nunavut N/A N/A
British Columbia 7% N/A
Manitoba 8% N/A
Saskatchewan 5% N/A
New Brunswick N/A 15%
Nova Scotia N/A 15%
Newfoundland N/A 15%
Ontario N/A 13%
Quebec 9.975% N/A
Prince Edward Island N/A 14%

Our GST Registration Number is 1000756428

GST/PST Exemption

If you are a customer who is GST and/or PST exempt, please call 1 800 668-2642 before placing your first online order so that we may assist you in setting up your customer account.  You will need to provide your tax exemption number.