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Registration Tips

The following information is to guide you to correctly enter information on our Registration page. Note: These tips will also be useful to you if you are changing the delivery address for a particular order.

CMHC values your privacy and your personal information is protected under the Government of Canada's Privacy Act. Read CMHC's Privacy Policy.

Full Name

Please enter your first and last name. Example: John Smith


Please enter the name of the company for which you are ordering (if applicable).

Audience Group

Please enter the appropriate audience to which you (or your company) belong.

Street Number

Please enter the number of your address. Example: If your address is 700 Montreal Road, then enter the number 700. Learn more about entering irregular or rural addresses.

Street Name

Please enter the name of your street (including street type). Example: If your address is 700 Montreal Rd. then enter Montreal Rd.


If your mailing address contains: unit, suite, apartment or floor then please click on the corresponding radio button and enter the number in the field to the right. The default for the radio button is always N/A (not applicable)—if this item does not apply to your mailing address then do nothing and move on to the next field.


Please enter your city. Example: Ottawa


This field defaults to a list of Canadian provinces. If you live outside of Canada, please FIRST select your country from the Country pulldown list. Once your country is selected, the correct list of provinces/states/regions will display.

Postal/Zip Code

Please enter your postal or zip code. Example: K1A 0P7

Tel No.

Please enter your full telephone number, including area code. Example: 613-555-1212


Please enter your full fax number, including area code. Example: 613-555-1212

E-mail Address

Please enter a your e-mail address. You will use this e-mail address is be used to login to your account.


Choose a password (6 - 8 characters). Always store your password in a safe place. Read the Password Tips for more help on choosing a password.

Confirm Password

In this field, re-type the password you entered above.

Password Hint

Please enter a word or a phrase that will help you remember your password. Your password hint cannot contain your password. In the event you forget your password, you may use our Forgot Your Password? service and your password hint will be e-mailed to you.

Irregular or Rural Addresses

(i) Rural Addresses

If your address is a Rural Route (RR), Suburban Service (SS), Mobile Route (MR) or General Delivery (GD):

In the Street Name field enter the applicable abbreviation and the number. Example: Rural Route 4 would be entered as RR 4.

(ii) Post Office Boxes

If your address is a Post office box:

In the Street Name field enter PO Box and the number. Example: Post Office Box # 4 would be entered as PO Box 4.

Note for Changing Delivery Address:

When you decide to change the delivery address for a particular order (your order will be shipped to a different mailing address than the one saved in your account profile), you may also select the language of correspondence by selecting either English or French using the Language pulldown list on that form.