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The portal offers housing market information on a large and small scale, from data for the entire country down to individual census tracts. Log in or register for a free myCMHC account to easily save your reports, comparisons and more in one convenient place. As a registered user, you can also subscribe for alerts to be notified when new data is available.

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Select a Location

Option 1: Dropdown menu selection

In the “Select location using the drop down or the interactive map below” dropdown menu, click on the province name to access a dropdown menu of cities, towns and metropolitan areas. Click on an area’s name to access its available zones, census subdivisions, neighbourhoods or census tracts.

Every time you select a location using the dropdown menu, the map will zoom in to your selection. Available data for that location will also appear in the data panel.

Option 2: Map selection

Census Metropolitan Areas, Census Agglomerations and other centres with a population of 10,000+ are displayed as orange boundaries on the map. These boundaries indicate that data is available for the area.

You can zoom in on the orange areas for more detailed data and submarket options. You can change the visible submarket divisions using the “Change Submarket Boundary” box.

To select your location of interest, click on the desired area. A pop-up box will appear, allowing you to select the name of your exact location of interest. Available data for that location will then appear in the data panel.

Option 3: Search box selection

In the “Search for a location” field, enter a location within Canada. For example, you may enter a postal code (OM), province or city name. As you type, any matching or similar results will appear.

When you click on the name of your location of interest, the map will zoom in to your selection. Available data for that location will also appear in the data panel.

Please note that the “Search for a location” field may not recognize census tract numbers and other specific submarkets. Please use Option 1 or 2 above to search for these smaller submarkets.

OM: Postal code is an official mark of Canada Post.

Compare Mode

Add a location to a comparison

First, check the top of the page to ensure you are in Compare mode.

Compare mode selected

Next, use the dropdown menu or map selection tool to find a location of interest (see “Select a Location” above). Click on the Add icon () beside the location name to add it to the comparison data set. To add Canada as a comparison item, click anywhere on the map and select the Add icon () beside “Canada” in the pop-up box.

Change the topic of a comparison

To compare several locations on different topics, select the Options icon () in the Compare data panel. This will open the Compare Indicators options list. You can select 1 indicator at a time, and the results will appear visually and numerically within each location bar.

Compare Indicators option list
Example of comparison results shown visually (as a bar graph) and numerically in each location bar.

Edit your comparison list

You can click on a location bar in the data panel to open a set of options for the compared location. This will allow you to move the selected location up or down in the list, or to remove it all together.

Options for each compared location

Selecting “Show on map” will make the map zoom in on the selected location. Selecting “At-a-Glance” will bring you out of Compare mode and into Overview mode, where there will be a data overview for your selected location. Simply select Compare mode at the top of the page again to return to your comparison list.

Save and Manage Data

My Data Library

A free myCMHC account gives you access to My Data Library, where you can save the reports and comparisons you use the most. You can also subscribe to specific overviews, comparisons and tables to receive an email alert when new data is available.

Sign up for a free myCMHC account

You can access My Data Library when you are logged in to your myCMHC account. Click on your name in the website header and select My Data Library.

When you click on the Save button for an overview, table or comparison, you will see a checkbox option to subscribe for updates related to the data. You can also manage your subscription options on the My Data Library page.

Customize saved items and subscriptions

You can manage your saved data and subscriptions within My Data Library. To customize a saved item’s title, click on the Edit icon (). Create your new title, and click on the Done button.

Click on an item’s Subscribe icon () to receive an email when new data is available. Click on the Subscribe icon again to unsubscribe. The icon’s colour will fade to indicate you are no longer subscribed.

To remove any item from your library, click on the Delete icon (). To clear an entire section of your library, select Delete all.

Choose your location of interest — Help

CMHC’s housing market data is available for multiple levels of geographic aggregation, from national to neighbourhood.

Choose from the pop-up list provided to select your location of interest.

Close this box.
Add this location to your Compare list.
Zoom to and select your location of interest.
Change submarket boundary — Help
Click and drag the top of this box to move it anywhere on your screen.
Options that appear in light grey indicate that they are not available for your current location of interest.

Within a given city, town, or metropolitan area, CMHC provides statistical reporting for a variety of submarkets.

Alter the boundary lines and definitions for your location of interest by changing your submarket boundary display setting.

Housing Market Information Portal

This portal offers free, easy-to-use access to the latest housing market data for Canada.

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