Overview provides a statistical profile of local, regional and national housing markets.

Where available, you can view the most recent statistics for new home construction activity, rental markets, seniors’ housing and / or demographic information from the Statistics Canada Census.

CMHC HMI Portal “Overview” tutorial video

{Visual}: (An animated red line weaves it’s way through a series of images of houses and apartment building exteriors that appear one after the other on screen. The red line ends up forming the CMHC logo, alone on screen on a white background. )

CMHC created a number of short tutorials to help you use the Housing Market Information Portal. This tutorial will show you how to navigate

{On-Screen Text}: (TUTORIAL VIDEO “Overview VIEW”)

the Overview view. The Overview view

{Visual}: (Housing Market Information Portal landing screen.)

contains the most recent housing-market data for a specific location of interest.  This allows you to see high level information and make quick strategic decisions.

{Visual}: (Cursor clicks on drop-down arrow next to Canada link at top of map. Cursor moves down list of provinces and territories that appears and clicks on Ontario.)

Statistics are available for Canada,

{Visual}: (Cursor clicks on drop-down arrow next to Ontario link at top of map. Cursor moves down list of Census Metropolitan Areas that appears and clicks on Toronto.)


{Visual}: (Cursor clicks on drop-down arrow next to Toronto link at top of map. Cursor moves down list of Survey Zones that appears and clicks on Aurora-Newmarket link.)

Census Metropolitan Areas, Census Agglomerations, Selected Census Subdivisions,

{Visual}: (Cursor clicks on drop-down arrow next to Aurora, Newmarket link at top of map. Cursor moves down list that appears and clicks on Aurora link.)

Zones, Neighbourhoods

{Visual}: (Cursor clicks on drop-down arrow next to Aurora link at top of map. Cursor moves down list that appears and clicks on first item at top of list.)

and Census Tracts. Depending on the geography you chose, different statistics will be available. 

{Visual}: (Cursor moves to left pane of Portal screen and moves down list of links that appear. )

For this census tract, there is data on New Housing Construction, Primary Rental Market, Core Housing Need, and Housing Stock.

{Visual}: (Screen changes to Census Metropolitain Level display for Toronto.  Cursor moves to left pane of screen and points to Secondary Rental Market and Seniors’ Rental Housing links in list of links that appear.)

However, at the Census Metropolitan Area level there are the additional topics of Secondary Rental Market and Seniors’ Rental Housing.

{Visual}: (Cursor circles list of links that appear in left pane of screen.)

The New Home Construction, Primary Rental Market, Secondary Rental Market and Seniors’ Rental Housing Data are updated as soon as CMHC releases results. Suppose I am interested in data for the CMA of Victoria.

{Visual}: (Cursor clicks on down arrow next to Canada link at top of map. Cursor moves down list of provinces and territories that appears and clicks on British Columbia.)

By clicking on the down arrow beside Canada, I select the Province of British Columbia. 

{Visual}: (Cursor clicks on down arrow next to British Columbia link at top of map. Cursor moves down list of locations that appears and clicks on Victoria.)

The down arrow beside British Columbia brings up a list and allows me to select the CMA of Victoria.

{Visual}: (Cursor moves to left pane of screen and clicks on down arrow next to Primary Rental Market.)

Primary Rental Market data can be accessed by clicking the arrow beside the Primary Rental Market data list.

{Visual}: (Primary Rental Market data list expands.  Cursor points to types of data listed in table.)

Statistics are available like Vacancy Rates, Availability Rates, Average Rent and Median Rent.

{Visual}: (Cursor moves to Graph button under table and clicks on it. Data graphs appear on screen.)

By clicking on the graph button, this data is displayed in chart format.

{Visual}: (Cursor moves to View Full Report button and clicks on it. Full report appears on screen.)

To obtain more detailed information, click on View Full Report.

{Visual}: (Cursor moves to Export button at top right of screen and clicks on it. A pdf version of the report appears on screen.)

This data is exportable in .pdf format, which allows you to share the information easily with your client in either print or email formats.

{Visual}: (Cursor moves to Share button at top right of screen and clicks on it. A pop-up screen with options for Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn, Google Plus and email appears. Cursor points to each in turn.)

By clicking on the Share button, you can make use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in or Google Plus.  It also allows you to email the results to a client.

{Visual}: (Cursor moves to ? button at top right of screen and clicks on it. A screen with instructions and information about the application appears.)

If at any point during your use of the application you require further information, clicking on the content sensitive question mark will display information about the application.

{Visual}: (Screen switches to main screen of Portal.)

Thank you for your watching this tutorial on the Overview view. 

{Visual}: (cmhc.ca website.)
{Visual}: (Close-up of address box at top left of screen.)
{Visual}: (Extreme close-up of address box as “cmhc.ca/hmiportal” is typed.)

To access the portal please visit cmhc.ca/hmiportal. 

{Visual}: (CMHC logo.)
{Visual}: (Canada wordmark.)
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Selecting a Location

To get started, select a location of interest using either the drop-down menu (breadcrumb) above the map, or by clicking on the map directly.

The Overview Summary

Available data that is relevant to your selected location is summarized and displayed in the panel titled Overview Summary. Each summary includes a summary table and a link to the methodology of the survey. Under each Overview summary table is a link to the data source. Select the data source to view how the data is collected.

Overview — Help
Topic heading.
Selected geography.
Zoom to selected geography on map.
Expand or collapse section.
View this table in Graph form.
View full report for topic.
Expand or collapse section.

Overview Full Report

When viewing the full report, the following options are available.

  • Export
  • Print
  • Share


Select Export to open a popup box with the exporting options.

  • Select Export to Spreadsheet (CSV) to download a CSV file of the report. Click to the download to open the CSV file. It should default to spreadsheet software, depending on your settings.
  • Select Export to PDF to download a PDF file of the report. Save or print the PDF if desired.
Export Print and Share


Select Print to open the report in a new web page which can be printed.


Select share to view the options for sharing:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Email

Save and Subscribe

If you are a registered user and are logged in, you can click on Save or Subscribe to add any item to your Library.

Save and Subscribe

When saving, you can customize the title of the data being saved to make it more relevant to your individual needs. Check the checkbox beside the word Subscribe to receive email notifications for when new data for this item is available. Click Save when you are done.

Save Subscribe Box

Choose your location of interest — Help

CMHC’s housing market data is available for multiple levels of geographic aggregation, from national to neighbourhood.

Choose from the pop-up list provided to select your location of interest.

Close this box.
Add this location to your Compare list.
Zoom to and select your location of interest.
Change submarket boundary — Help
Click and drag the top of this box to move it anywhere on your screen.
Options that appear in light grey indicate that they are not available for your current location of interest.

Within a given city, town, or metropolitan area, CMHC provides statistical reporting for a variety of submarkets.

Alter the boundary lines and definitions for your location of interest by changing your submarket boundary display setting.

Housing Market Information Portal

This portal offers free, easy-to-use access to the latest housing market data for Canada.

**Please accept the terms and conditions to proceed.**

Terms and Conditions

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