New Housing Construction Activity — Canada

Seasonally Adjusted Total Housing Starts (All Areas)

Jan-23 Feb-23 Mar-23 Apr-23
SAAR (All Areas) 213,749 241,502 213,780 261,559
Trend (All Areas) 259,383 254,879 240,876 240,403

Housing Starts by Dwelling Type (Centres 10K+)

Apr-23 Apr-22 YTD-23 YTD-22
Single 3,517 5,529 11,430 16,111
Semi-detached 729 1,214 2,433 3,375
Row 1,866 2,896 6,753 7,777
Apartment 14,398 11,202 43,692 38,518
Total 20,510 20,841 64,308 65,781

Housing Starts by Dwelling Type (All Areas)

Q1-23 Q1-22 YTD-23 YTD-22
Single 10,024 12,937 10,024 12,937
Semi-detached 1,813 2,411 1,813 2,411
Row 5,089 5,018 5,089 5,018
Apartment 29,925 27,991 29,925 27,991
Total 46,851 48,357 46,851 48,357


Source: CMHC Starts and Completions Survey / Market Absorption Survey


Seasonally adjusted annual rates (SAAR) are monthly figures adjusted to remove normal seasonal variation and multiplied by 12 to reflect annual levels. The trend is a six-month moving average of the monthly seasonally adjusted annual rates (SAAR).

Year-to-Date (YTD) numbers are calculated using the sum of the individual months. There may be slight differences due to rounding when these are compared to quarterly or annual data in other CMHC tables or publications.

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