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Nova Scotia — Incomes and Shelter Costs (Households in Core Housing Need)

  Average Household Income Before Taxes Average Monthly Shelter Costs Median Household Income Before Taxes Median Monthly Shelter Costs
Nova Scotia 21,293 789 19,816 728
Cape Breton 19,158 687 18,140 644
Chester MD 18,210 670 17,943 650
Halifax 23,612 912 22,410 828
Kentville 17,743 719 18,677 692
Kings, Subd. A SC 18,945 705 18,292 671
Lunenburg MD 21,824 726 21,270 702
New Glasgow 17,834 660 17,987 627
Queens RGM 17,159 636 17,941 602
Truro 17,289 695 17,430 652
West Hants RM 19,118 717 19,171 651
  • Data include all non-farm, non-band, non-reserve private households reporting positive incomes and shelter cost-to-income ratios less than 100 per cent.
  • A household is in core housing need if its housing does not meet one or more standards for housing adequacy (repair), suitability (crowding), or affordability and if it would have to spend 30 per cent or more of its before-tax income to pay the median rent (including utilities) of appropriately sized alternative local market housing. Adequate housing does not require any major repairs, according to residents. Suitable housing has enough bedrooms for the size and make-up of resident households. Affordable housing costs less than 30 per cent of before-tax household income.
  • For renters, shelter costs include, as applicable, rent and payments for electricity, fuel, water and other municipal services. For owners, shelter costs include, as applicable, mortgage payments (principal and interest), property taxes, condominium fees, and payments for electricity, fuel, water and other municipal services.
  • STIR = Shelter-cost-to-income ratio (based on annual shelter costs and household income before taxes).