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St. Catharines - Niagara — Immigrant Households (Households Tested for Core Housing Need)

  Non-Immigrant Non-Permanent Resident Immigrant Landed Before 2001 Landed 2001 to 2010 Recent Immigrants (Landed 2011-2016) Total
St. Catharines - Niagara 127,625 840 34,515 29,465 3,780 1,270 162,985
St. Catharines (Core) 15,390 170 3,530 2,740 575 210 19,080
St. Catharines (Remainder) 26,455 215 9,300 7,900 1,100 305 35,975
Niagara Falls (Core) 7,980 110 2,300 1,830 300 170 10,390
Niagara Falls (Remainder) 17,865 90 6,480 5,345 860 275 24,430
Welland 18,875 105 2,890 2,540 245 100 21,870
Remainder of CMA 30,935 105 7,465 6,805 510 155 38,505
Fort Erie 10,135 50 2,560 2,310 190 55 12,740
  • Data include all non-farm, non-band, non-reserve private households reporting positive incomes and shelter cost-to-income ratios less than 100 per cent.
  • A household is in core housing need if its housing does not meet one or more standards for housing adequacy (repair), suitability (crowding), or affordability and if it would have to spend 30 per cent or more of its before-tax income to pay the median rent (including utilities) of appropriately sized alternative local market housing. Adequate housing does not require any major repairs, according to residents. Suitable housing has enough bedrooms for the size and make-up of resident households. Affordable housing costs less than 30 per cent of before-tax household income.
  • An immigrant household is a household with a primary household maintainer who is an immigrant. An immigrant is a person who is or has ever been a landed immigrant/permanent resident, that is, someone who has been granted the right to live permanently in Canada by immigration authorities.
  • A non-permanent resident is a person from another country who has a work or study permit, or who is a refugee claimant, and any non-Canadian-born family member living in Canada with him or her.
  • Recent immigrants are immigrants who landed in Canada between Jan 1, 2011 and May 10, 2016.
  • The primary household maintainer is the person or one of the people in the household responsible for major household payments such as the rent or mortgage. In households with more than one maintainer, the primary maintainer is the first person listed as a maintainer.